Cassling’s consulting team is here to help.

Using the depth of our healthcare expertise and knowledge, we provide a customized, hands-on approach to help ensure that your organization reaches its goals. Our workflow assessments, equipment utilization studies and forecasting services can guide you through today’s challenges while letting you focus on delivering the best patient care.

Consulting options include:

Analytics and Decision Support
For a project to be successful you need the right information from the start. Cassling will work with you to identify and track data needed to optimize short- and long-term planning.
Asset Management
Cassling will help you plan and manage your capital assets by matching the current inventory of equipment and determining existing gaps in service requirements. This enables you to create a roadmap for distribution of financial resources.
Increasingly, effective managers are relying on dashboard indicators to monitor their overall performance and compare that performance with industry standards. Cassling can assist your team in identifying performance indicators and focusing on the key metrics, keeping you on track for success.
Department Design and Set Up
The design of your department can have a substantial impact on service. Cassling will evaluate requirements for staffing, supplies and documentation as well as define organizational and infrastructure needs and capabilities to ensure a successful implementation. We also will coordinate a timeline of key activities and develop an action plan to implement service.
Feasibility Studies
Cassling will help you identify operational objectives and then conduct feasibility studies using multiple scenarios. This process allows you to determine which course of action best fits your facility. Through this approach, you can feel more confident, knowing you have reached a decision after considering it from multiple vantage points.
Operational Assessment
Improving workflow is an ongoing goal for healthcare organizations. As baby boomers reach retirement age, regulations tighten and costs for care continue to rise. You'll need to do more with less and continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Cassling will help you achieve this by identifying a baseline for current workflow; outlining the operational opportunities; making recommendations for improved departmental workflow; and creating an implementation plan.
Quality and Performance
Creating a culture of quality enables employees to achieve extraordinary outcomes, leading to superior customer satisfaction. Cassling will help you reach this level of success through a deliberate course of action that weaves technology into your workflow processes. This integration enables employees to be more efficient and effective.
Additional Services
  • Community Relations
  • Department Financial Analysis
  • Physician Group Practice
  • Department Policy and Procedure Development

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