Working Together to Find Your Perfect Financing Solution

Healthcare organizations must balance mounting financial pressures and new regulations with the need to prepare for the care of an aging population. We can help you:

  • Invest in new technology to care for future generations of patients
  • Upgrade existing equipment affordably
  • Expand your footprint through acquisition or construction of new facilities
  • Refinance existing debt

If you need an out-of-the-box solution or if a history of poor credit hinders your plans for growth, let's talk. At Cassling, we understand your challenges and have additional financial partners and resources to help you impact patient care. Contact us to learn more.


Whether you’re a single entity, a multi-location facility or a brand new clinic, we can work together to identify the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Critical Access Hospitals

We work directly with executive teams to address cost containment and find an option that makes sense financially. This means exploring a variety of leasing and loan options as well as finding the diagnostic imaging equipment that can help to create efficiencies, grow volume and drive down total cost of ownership.

Nonprofit, public and privately held hospitals and health systems

We’ll help you evaluate your options when it comes to capital expenses, endowments, available purchasing options and more. This includes a close examination of the total cost of ownership, i.e. the cost of the equipment, interest rates, service agreements and diagnostic features that increase volume and reimbursement and improve clinical results.

Office-Based Labs and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Having a deep understanding of the current marketplace is critical when seeking approval for financing. We work with you to formulate a business plan containing things like referral volume, available capital, collateral, competition, prospective patient base, marketing opportunities and more.



We’ll work with you to determine an appropriate loan amount and term for your capital investment, at market rates that provide financial flexibility for your organization.

Fleet Swap

Replacing or purchasing a variety of equipment? Through a fleet swap program, you can upgrade all at once. By standardizing, you can ensure that all systems cooperate with one another, keep service agreements simple and even save money through the purchase of numerous items at a time.



When leasing, you have two options, each with its own strengths depending on your facility needs:

Capital lease – Also known as a dollar out lease, a capital lease enables you to purchase the equipment outright at the end of the loan term. After making consistent payments over the course of the term, you pay a dollar at the lease’s conclusion and the equipment becomes yours.

Operating lease – Also known as a fair market value lease, this enables you to rent the equipment for a lower price than if you purchased it outright. Five years is the standard lease term and, at the conclusion of the term, you can initiate an additional operating lease by trading your equipment back in for a newer model.



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