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Kyle Salem Connects the Dots - Predictions for the Radiology and Imaging Industries

There’s probably nothing I like more than trying to connect the dots in a complex system of things to make predictions about future behavior. I had a chance to do this with health care, in general, in a previous post. Now I’d like to take the idea just a step deeper and look at the first of the two areas closest to our... Read more

Medical Device Tax Delay: Decent Industry News

In an early Christmas present to the medical device industry, President Obama signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2015, which established both a budget for the Federal fiscal year (that started October 1) and made some other changes to government policy. Among them was the delay of the implementation of... Read more

Will “Right Time, Right Place” Health Care Replace the Family Doctor?

In an age when you can order up fresh food and an oil change at the same time you’re browsing the latest bestsellers on, it’s no surprise that consumerism is also changing how we shop for and use health-care services. Patients who would have sworn an allegiance to their family doctor are demonstrating via their... Read more