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A New Vision of Community Healthcare Brought to Life

If you follow Cassling online or interact with our team regularly, you might have noticed a few changes over the last couple months. As our customers’ needs have grown, so too have the requests for Cassling to evolve, to rise to the occasion and solve imaging’s most pressing challenges. We’ve embraced this call for help... Read more

Solutions to Common COVID-Related Imaging Challenges

To say the pandemic altered the imaging landscape would be the understatement of the century. After the initial shock to the collective system, when elective procedures were effectively cancelled and questions about capacity and resource utilization held sway, imaging departments have since adapted to provide outstanding... Read more

Leadership Courses for Healthcare: An Invitation to Invest in Yourself

It’s early days yet for 2020. But already, the year is presenting many vexing questions for healthcare leaders. How should responsible health system leaders respond to the outbreak of COVID-19? Will the Affordable Care Act survive its latest challenge in the Supreme Court? Will recent pushes for transparent healthcare... Read more

Pat Harvey Celebrates 20-Year Milestone Anniversary

Director of Clinical Operations Pat Harvey joined Cassling two decades ago. Since that time, the capabilities of medical imaging have radically increased. Imaging technology has evolved from film processing to completely digital and the healthcare industry has become increasingly more complex. What hasn’t changed since the... Read more

6 Reasons Not to Miss 'Investing in You – Omaha'

Every year, we hold our Investing in You (IIU) educational seminar in Omaha, Nebraska, hosting imaging professionals from across the Midwest. For those unfamiliar, this in-person event is an extension of the Investing in You continuing education program that runs throughout the year. Our monthly and on-demand webinars... Read more

Cassling Leadership Institute Launches for Healthcare Execs

Over the past 15 years, Cassling has offered continuing education credits to radiologic technologists, sonographers, managers and others in the imaging field through our Investing In You program. Last year alone, our initiative to make all of our webinars available on-demand meant that thousands of imaging professionals... Read more

340B Drug Pricing Program: How Hospitals and Even Radiology Departments Can Benefit

Editor’s note: While the 340B program is facing Federal revisions, particularly related to program oversight and reimbursement level, the program represents one option many rural and non-profit providers utilize to provide safety-net healthcare services in their respective communities. I recently spoke to a hospital CEO in... Read more

What Single Payer Healthcare Means for Providers

How quickly things change. From one vote away from the so-called “skinny” repeal of the Affordable Care Act to a proposed revolution of the current healthcare system, healthcare providers are getting whiplash right about now. Read more

Cassling President Addresses Company’s Past, Present, Future

Recently, Mike Cassling announced our new organizational structure, which separates the role of President and CEO. Mike is and will continue to be our CEO and intends to remain as the chief customer-facing executive in the organization—working with you and Siemens Healthineers to strengthen our relationships even further.... Read more

21st Century Cures Act & Its Impact on How Imaging Products Go to Market

Last Tuesday, in a big ceremony, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law. This law, which came out of the lame duck legislative session between the presidential election and the installation of a new administration and Congress, takes a number of steps to try to address healthcare issues that may exist... Read more

Editorial: How the Election Impacts Healthcare in 2017 & Beyond

I can't count the number of times I've thought, “How'd we end up with these two?” (OK, four candidates for those of you who prefer the Libertarian and Green Parties.) Yes, Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump have their good points and their bad points. My goal here is not to dwell on missing emails, vulgar comments, lies and... Read more

AHA Overreacts to Site-neutral Payment Regulations

On July 6th, the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) released the draft rule for the 2017 Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System. Keep in mind, this is a draft rule and CMS is actively looking for comment on a number of their proposals; so, there is a possibility that the items inside of the rule can —... Read more

Bipartisan Budget Act Means No New Off-Campus Hospital Outpatient Imaging Departments

If you attended Cassling’s recent webinar, Predictions for Healthcare in 2016 & Beyond, one of the major trends we discussed was the shift to value. A number of initiatives have come out of the Affordable Care Act to cut Medicare fee-for-service payments and reward value instead of volume, but a new, recent piece of... Read more