Ultrasound Awareness Month and Rad Tech Week: How to Celebrate

by Cassling on Jul 26, 2017

Shining a Spotlight on Your Imaging Cast and Crew

Throughout October, the medical community celebrates Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM), followed quickly by National Rad Tech Week, November 5–11. 

It may be summer right now, but it won’t be long until your organization gives its imaging crew its due. 

If you’re not sure where to start, Cassling has you covered. An Advanced Partner of Siemens Healthineers, we’ve spent more than 30 years in the imaging field, so we understand the incredible dedication that imaging pros bring to their craft. That’s why we want to help you celebrate the hard work of your imaging teams during the week and month set aside just for them.

Here are 5 great ways to celebrate MUAM and Rad Tech Week! 

1. Sign Up for Celebration Materials

Looking for something tangible to provide your team in honor of these events? Look no further!

We’re giving out free MUAM/Rad Tech Week promotional materials to every hospital professional who signs up to receive them. These items are a fantastic way to recognize the compassion and expertise your imaging professionals bring to their work. 

Sign up for these materials, and here’s what you’ll get: UAM-Rad-Tech-week-materials

  • Full-color posters
  • Pin-on buttons for staff
  • An imaging-themed word search
  • A history of the events
  • Top secret bonus items

All of these are themed to MUAM and Rad Tech Week, enabling you to raise awareness of the event and show your imaging team just how much they mean to you now, and throughout the entire year. 

There are two deadlines for ordering buttons and posters, one to receive the materials in time for MUAM, the other in time for Rad Tech week. Hit the order button that corresponds to your applicable deadline and you’ll receive your swag well in advance of the celebration week/month. The remainder of the materials are available for immediate download after you sign up.

This is probably the best (and easiest) way to spread the word, and there’s one other thing we can help you with… 

2. Tell the Media With a Sample Press Release

Looking for some press for your organization? With the right outreach, MUAM and Rad Tech Week can bring you awesome coverage.

We’ve created two press releases you can customize to fit your needs: one for MUAM, another for Rad Tech Week. These press release templates outline the history of the event and its importance plus leave room for a company boilerplate, your personalized contact info and a section to place a quote from hospital leadership. 

There’s no need to start from scratch. Sign up for the imaging collateral discussed above and the press release will be immediately available for download! 

3. Provide CE Opportunities and Encourage Your Team to Attend

Do you or your imaging team need CE credits? Then this is a fantastic time to earn them.

You have multiple opportunities to earn ASRT CE credits during MUAM and Rad Tech Week. Healthcare groups around the country will do their part to acknowledge these events through a variety of educational opportunities.

For instance, Dr. Traci Fox of Thomas Jefferson University will host “’You’re Doing an Ultrasound of What?’ The Past Present and Future of Ultrasound” on October 17. And Executive Coach Susan Ann Koenig, JD, will lead a presentation called “Being a Radically Great Team: What Google Learned About Building the Best Teams” on November 7.

These are among the many opportunities for you and your team to pick up CE credits from the ASRT. Many webinars, including those listed above, provide CEs that are also accepted by the ARDMS! 

What better time to develop your expertise than during MUAM and Rad Tech Week? 

4. Celebrate Rad Times, Come On!

Really want to make your entire imaging team feel like superstars? Throw a party, surprise or otherwise, dedicated to the imaging professionals who make a difference for your organization. 

Want ideas for décor? Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Rad Tech Week takes place right after Halloween. You should be able to get a great post-holiday deal on skeleton items that help you recognize your Skeleton Crew. 

Ultrasound may be a little trickier, but the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography has produced some cool emojis that can be used as décor or to jumpstart your creativity.  

Cakes in the shape of an ultrasound wand? CT-themed seven “layer” dips? Your team will appreciate the levity and the recognition, trust us. 


5. Take The Initiative 

This is only the beginning of the ways to celebrate your imaging team. Here’s a smattering of other small things that can go a long way toward raising awareness:

  • Patient Awareness Campaign- Product fliers, pamphlets, and other handouts dedicated to informing patients of the many important and lesser known tasks overseen by imaging pros
  • Thought Expertise- Invite your rad techs and sonographers to sit for a Q and A that you can turn into a webinar or a lunch and learn. Better yet, set them up with local press for a great story that pairs well with the MUAM/Rad Tech Week press release!
  • Swag As Far As The Eye Can See- Keychains, poker chips, fidget spinners. If you can imagine it, chances are there’s a company that can emblazon your imaging message upon it. 

Has your hospital done something unique to promote Rad Tech Week or Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month in the past? Let us know so we can spread the word!

And don’t forget to get the ball rolling with the items we’ve put together for your convenience. Sign up now for posters, buttons, a word search and templated press releases you can use for your own organization!

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