An Update from Cassling's President on COVID-19

by Kyle Salem Ph.D. on Mar 25, 2020

Kyle-SalemCassling President Kyle Salem provides an update on the company's COVID-19 response and thanks healthcare workers for their dedication.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus. This really is an unprecedented time. We’re trying to be positive, not only for our customers, but for our team members and their families.

I’m proud of the significant role that imaging is playing in the fight against COVID-19, and I am humbled to be part of this industry and have an opportunity to support healthcare organizations and professionals working on the front lines. From the techs using CT and X-ray and the sonographers using ultrasound to screen for coronavirus or assess lung damage, to the department managers and facility leaders working tirelessly to support their teams, you are all doing a tremendous job.



We know this will change our experience of the world forever. Being socially distant is decreasing our communication with others and our connection to our communities.

Cassling is here to support you, and we are more committed than ever to helping you strengthen community healthcare. We’re using this opportunity to slow down and be thoughtful about how we do things. To take a breath, so we can serve you better.

We’re living by the motto that: if we focus on what we can control, rather than the things that we can’t, we can impact others for the better and find our way through this. So I urge you to connect with others and provide your time, talent and treasure to help others where you can.

I know I speak for each member of the Cassling team when we say how much we care about you, your staff, your patients and your communities. Take care.