Recrafting Your Job to Leverage Your Strengths

by Cassling on Jan 18, 2017

Presented by: Pam Hernandez, President of The Right Reflection

Description: No matter where your role fits within the continuum of care, we all have a job description and certain accountabilities for which we are responsible. Often, though, we don’t realize that we can craft our jobs in a way that leverages our strengths and brings us more meaning. Whether you’re a department supervisor, office manager or front-line caregiver, this one-hour webinar session will help you see how you view your current role. We’ll also discuss strategies to discover your strengths, passions and values, and we’ll discuss how to use this information to view your job in a whole new way, be more engaged and provide better patient care.

Watch this webinar to:

  1. Discover how you currently view your role.
  2. Gain insight into your strengths, passions and values.
  3. Re-evaluate how you think about your role so you can have more meaningful interactions with patients and co-workers.

Access the slide handouts.

Please note: No CE Credits will be awarded for viewing this webinar recording.

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