Answering the Call for Help from Healthcare and Imaging Professionals

by Mike Cassling on Jul 31, 2020

Together We CanThe country continues to reel from the pandemic, and our hearts go out to nurses, doctors, technologists and other healthcare team members who have dedicated themselves to helping patients during these extraordinary times.

Earlier in the year, when Americans began to grapple with just how serious the COVID-19 outbreak was going to be, hospitals faced a massive shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Masks, in particular, were in short supply, and not just the N95 masks shown to provide the most protection from the virus. Hospitals struggled to procure cloth masks, face shields and other equipment to ensure their team members were adequately protected.

It wasn’t long before I was getting calls and emails from employees throughout our company. Their questions all struck the same tone: “What can we do?”

We believe it’s our duty as a company to help hospitals strengthen community healthcare, and that is a sentiment everyone within our organization takes seriously. When COVID-19 hit, employees from every Cassling department were asking how they could assist our customers in ways that go well beyond business.

Turns out, because of the tireless efforts of our team members, there was quite a bit we could do to help.

In the following video, you’ll learn about the many ways in which Cassling team members took it upon themselves to aid healthcare professionals fighting the pandemic. Whether it was taking part in company-wide efforts to assemble face shields for healthcare workers, stitching cloth masks for rural hospitals in desperate need of protection or even just reaching out to our affected customers to ask what more we could do to assist, the Cassling team stepped up to the plate.

I’m humbled by the responses of our employees to this pandemic. All of this work involved extracurricular efforts outside their normal jobs, and absolutely nobody hesitated to go above and beyond in order to contribute.

I’m sharing this not to bring attention to Cassling, but to let these people know how proud I am of the work they’ve done and continue to do. Beyond this video, there are so many people within our organization who have put their heads down and gotten to work on behalf of those in need. Service team members who continue to follow safety protocols and work with hospitals to ensure equipment is up and running for crucial diagnostic exams. Account executives who are checking in with customers not for sales calls, but to ask what they need and then taking it upon themselves to make it happen. Facilities and operations employees who continue to procure and distribute safety equipment for those in healthcare facilities.

Our team members continue to assist in ways big and small, and I am so grateful to see their compassion in action. Thank you to everyone at our organization who has given their time and effort in support of healthcare workers during this pandemic, and thank you to the healthcare workers who continue to deal with COVID day in and day out.

We will always be here for you. If there’s anything we can do to help, let us know. We’re in this together, and I know I have an entire team standing behind me who will back that up and do what’s right to help support you and to help you protect patients.

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Mike Cassling, Chairman of Cassling, holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in general accounting and marketing. He completed the Graduate School of Sales and Marketing at Syracuse University in 1992. Joining the Cassling team in 1985, Mike worked in sales and served as the vice president of sales and marketing before being appointed president in 1996. Under his leadership, the company earned the #1 spot on the "Best Places to Work in Healthcare" list by Modern Healthcare and Best Companies Group, the Platinum Well Workplace Award, was named a 2011 Best Places to Work in Omaha and Best Places to Work for the Advancement of Women, as well as the 2008 Omaha Chamber of Commerce Business in Excellence Award.

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