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Kathy Osborne Recognized with Ken Vetter Integrity & Strategy Award

A leader. Mentor. Educator. And a very fast driver. These words describe Cassling legend Ken Vetter, the first employee to join the company in 1984. He started under company founder Bob Cassling and served as vice president until he retired in 2008. Ken passed away in January 2021, but left a lasting legacy on the... Read more

6 Tips to Motivate, Retain and Attract Staff Through Difficult Times

Tips to encourage and retain your team in today's healthcare environment... Remember back in the early months of 2020, when the surge of patients into hospitals was heralded as unprecedented? Well, it’s 2022, and these unprecedented times are feeling quite precedented. Except now, as hospitals confront the rising tide of... Read more

Happy Holidays from Your Partners at Cassling!

We wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. We can’t thank you enough for trusting Cassling for your imaging equipment and service needs in 2021! To close out the year, Cassling President Kyle Salem and I decided to test out an imaginary digital patient twin prototype for a light-hearted look at... Read more

Thanksgiving and The Power of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the obvious time of the year people start to think about what they’re grateful for. And at Cassling, we’re so profoundly thankful for all the diagnostic imaging professionals we work with throughout the year. We can’t say enough about your hard work, sacrifice, and dedication in improving the lives of your... Read more

3 Ways to Reduce Patient Anxiety in Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is an important part of a patient’s journey through both health and illness. But their interaction with this highly technical, sophisticated equipment and process can be daunting and produce a high level of anxiety, even fear. Providing as positive a patient experience as possible is important not only... Read more

Rad Tech Week 2021 and Revolutionary New CT Technology

National Radiologic Technology Week is an annual celebration of rad techs across the nation. It was first celebrated by the ASRT in 1979 to commemorate Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s 1895 discovery of the x-ray. Today, it’s also become a time to recognize and raise awareness of the important role medical imaging and radiation... Read more

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Sonography Squad

October Means Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month! Sonographers are superheroes. Even before the pandemic began in 2020, they were working hard on the frontlines, often unsung. But while COVID-19 may have provided additional exposure for the profession, it has placed an even heavier burden on the professionals. COVID-19 and... Read more

5 Ways to Make a Better World

Volunteering is a Win-Win for Everyone We all have our reasons for volunteering. For some, it’s just the right thing to do. Others work to further their careers, a cause, their community, company or industry. It doesn’t really matter the reason, what your modality or specialty is, or where you are in your career. When you... Read more

Answering the Call for Help from Healthcare and Imaging Professionals

The country continues to reel from the pandemic, and our hearts go out to nurses, doctors, technologists and other healthcare team members who have dedicated themselves to helping patients during these extraordinary times. Earlier in the year, when Americans began to grapple with just how serious the COVID-19 outbreak was... Read more

Times Change — But Values and Friendly Faces Remain

I was reminiscing with a long-time Nebraska customer recently about when we first met. I was a kid out of college and had just started working at my dad’s new imaging company. She had been a technologist for a year or two but was destined for management early on. I’m going to date myself (and her), but our conversation had... Read more

Cassling Celebrates 35 Years of Imaging Excellence

Thirty-five years. Even as I write those words, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, or CDI, which later became Cassling, was formed. This July, we celebrate our 35th anniversary as a company, and I’m honored that I get do so surrounded by the many people who make our organization... Read more

RSNA 2018: The Good, The Rad and the Cutting Edge

Another RSNA is in the books! Cassling President Kyle Salem, PhD (left) & CEO Mike Cassling (right) pause for a picture at RSNA 2018. I attend the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting every year, and I never cease to be amazed by the innovations that the world’s leading imaging technology developers give... Read more

Rad Tech Week 2018 is #RadtotheBone

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Cassling! That’s because November 4 – 10 is Rad Tech Week, when healthcare organizations across the country go all-out to celebrate the contributions of their imaging team to the medical profession. Read more

Celebrate Sonographers with Help (and Free Swag) from Cassling

You may have noticed that we’ve gone a little ultrasound-crazy here at Cassling. It’s not until October that we celebrate Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month, or as we’ve taken to calling it, #MUAM (my social media team tells me I have to use the hashtag or it doesn’t count). School is barely back in session, but we wanted... Read more