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Ultrasound Research: Looking Beyond the Headlines

When I see a scary headline in the media—especially when it has to do with ultrasound—I feel it’s my obligation to educate the masses. Read more

Why You Need to Keep Up With Ultrasound Best Practices

If you are reading this, you are not my audience. Because, if you are reading this, you are interested in continuing education, in learning new things, in expanding your horizons. So please forward this blog post to your colleague, the one who hasn’t read an article, watched a webinar or attended a conference since... Read more

Ultrasound Ergonomics—There are Still Strides to be Made

Today's ultrasound technology is truly remarkable. In the past 24 years that I’ve practiced, I’ve seen ultrasound improve by leaps and bounds in its capabilities and potential to improve patient care. Contrast enhanced ultrasound, tissue harmonic imaging, elastography and other technologies have revolutionized how we see... Read more