Future Volume Growth in Imaging: Video Series

by Cassling on Jul 15, 2016

If you’re an imaging provider, chances are something is keeping you up at night. There’s a lot to know with regard to the market, such as understanding sources of imaging volume growth and declines and predicting future utilization needs and rates.

In a previous Cassling webinar presented by The Advisory Board Company, Sruti Nataraja, practice manager, Research and Insights, discussed the imaging market. We’ve put together three short videos for you to better understand sources of future volume growth and utilization in imaging.

Downward Movement of Utilization in Imaging

There’s an overall downward trend in imaging utilization across the country for exams that are paid under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Watch the video below to learn more about the continued decline in advanced imaging.

Future Volume Growth in Imaging

Although imaging volume has declined, there is hope for future growth. Volume growth in imaging will depend on Medicaid expansion, insurance exchanges and Medicare enrollment. Learn how these combined factors will boost imaging volume by watching the video below.

 Aging Population & Payers Boost Imaging Volume

Despite some unresolved political debates on Medicaid expansion, it’s our aging population of baby boomers that will inflect imaging volume the most. By 2020, the estimated 58 million beneficiaries in Medicare will boost imaging like never before.

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