Ten Years of Rad Tech Week Celebrations

by Marc Costanzo on Nov 6, 2019

It’s National Rad Tech Week, and Cassling is once again helping you celebrate with posters, games and all kinds of free materials.

2019 marks ten years of Cassling helping healthcare professionals around the country recognize the important work of their imaging teams through posters and other items. Considering the milestone, we thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at the themes of years past to see how things have evolved.

When you’re done scrolling through the Rad Tech Week posters of yesteryear, don’t forget to download your free 2019 Rad Tech Week materials! Enjoy!


2019 - Totally Rad 

2018 - Rad to the Bone 

2017 - Shining a Spotlight on Imaging's Cast & Crew

2016 - Celebrating Superheroes in Imaging 

2015 - It's What's Inside That Counts 

2014 - Imaging is Rad 

2013 - Keep Calm and X-Ray On 

2012 - Celebrating Imaging's Impact for 100+ Years

2011 - X-Ray Discovery Day 11

2010 - X-Ray Discovery Day 10 


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