New Siemens Family of C-arms Offers Imaging and Workflow Benefits

by Tonya Holtey, regional vice president, surgery and urology systems on Apr 5, 2016

With time constraints, limited resources and pressure to save money, your hospital and surgery team are mobile_c-arm_cios_fusion_c-arm_machine-0243530410.jpglikely doing everything they can to operate more efficiently.

The recently FDA approved family of Siemens C-arms offers a solution to facilities who are trying to streamline workflows and increase surgical versatility inside the operating room. Siemens’ expanded C-arm portfolio offers a system for every clinical application, budget and facility type. Models of the new Cios family include the Cios Fusion, Cios Select, Cios Connect, and a software upgrade to the existing Cios Alpha.

One main benefit of the new Cios Fusion (along with the upgraded Cios Alpha) is flat-panel detector (FD) technology. The unique FD technology provides a 25 percent larger field of view compared to conventional intensifiers, even during image rotation. This gives surgeons large, perfectly clear images while assuring their patients are within the appropriate dose. Even though the Cios Select and Cios Connect don’t have FD technology, they still balance high image quality and dose management.

If you’re a small facility looking for something that offers high-quality images but doesn’t take up much room, the Cios Connect is a lightweight C-arm that is easy to maneuver and user friendly.

These new systems will not only improve image quality and patient care—they make the OR more efficient. Plus, with Cassling’s new C-arm rental and lease-to-own program, you can replace old equipment in a cost-effective way without financing or taking out a capital loan, as well build revenue and increase volume.

Regardless of your facility size or budget, the new family of Siemens C-arms, paired with Cassling’s rental program, brings high-quality imaging, cost savings and workflow benefits to any C-arm procedure.

Schedule a demo to see these new systems first-hand or learn more about the new Cios family here.

Meet the Author

Tonya Holtey, regional vice president, leads Cassling’s surgery and urology teams. Tonya provides a consultative sales process and works closely with physicians and hospital administrators to develop loyal relationships. Tonya also helps customers address their challenges and strengthen community health care with emerging technology solutions.