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Siemens Healthineers collaborating on world’s first carbon-neutral radiology imaging service

Siemens Healthineers is working to make the imaging world a more sustainable place. They’re collaborating with a west coast academic medical center in creating the world’s first carbon-neutral radiology imaging service. They’re also exploring artificial intelligence in radiology, clinical data and image integration, and... Read more

Will Robots Run Radiology?

If you follow the latest trends and emerging technologies in healthcare, you have surely seen endless headlines about artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. The buzz is well within reason. Artificial intelligence encompasses an extensive range of computerized technologies to solve problems in ways that imitate human... Read more

Creating a Championship Season for Your Radiology Team

My fellow Nebraskans and I jumped from our seats and cheered as our team scored the winning point for the national championship. Nebraska women’s volleyball team had lost three of its top players from the prior year and wasn’t expected to make it to the top. Yet here they were. Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology is Here: What That Means for You

Think back to the last time you took a taxi (okay, more likely an Uber or a Lyft). When you hopped in, the driver probably had their phone set out on the center console, displaying your pickup location and destination, plus the quickest route to get there. Neither you nor the driver thought twice about this experience. He... Read more

Part II: Healthcare Reform Beyond the ACA

Last week, healthcare reform expert Stuart Clark shared with Cassling readers some common  questions and answers related to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as a follow-up to Cassling’s recent webinar, when he presented The Advisory Board’s “Healthcare State of the Union.” Click here to read part one of his blog. This... Read more

Part I: Healthcare Reform Beyond the ACA

The healthcare industry is entering the next era of healthcare reform, which will center on hospital and health system leaders transforming the delivery system to meet two profound and lasting market evolutions: population health and consumerism. During Cassling’s recent webinar, I had the pleasure of presenting The... Read more

What Imaging Providers Must Know to Survive in Today's Healthcare Landscape

No one can argue that the healthcare landscape is continually changing. The House just voted to significantly change the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In the coming days, we can settle in for the long and painstaking process to determine exactly what this means. Whether a consumer, healthcare professional or one of thousands... Read more