The Technologist's Introduction to Forensic Radiology

Kristin Beinschroth, MPH, BSRS, RT(R), CHES, Assistant Professor, Radiologic Sciences; California Baptist University

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The ASRT now provides an educational framework for Forensic Radiography, an emerging specialty gaining momentum as a valuable aspect of forensics. Medical imaging provides the scientific backing and tools needed to enhance our existing forensic capabilities.

Forensic Radiology is a field of medical imaging that provides valuable service to the community via data-driven techniques in imaging science. The interprofessional aspects of this subspecialty differ from those of traditional radiology, invoking collaboration with other professionals outside the healthcare field. In working with law enforcement, pathologists and anthropologists, examiners utilize various medical imaging modalities to gain more information about the conditions of people and remains. Through the use of virtual autopsy, remains can be examined without the need for invasive techniques, providing a non-invasive alternative to traditional autopsy.

Textbook authors and the ASRT now recognize Forensic Radiography as an educational pathway and a specialized training area. This new and topical subject is essential for educators, technologists and students alike.

Learning Objectives


Identify the interprofessional aspects of forensic radiology, especially those that differ from other modalities of medical imaging.


Analyze the value of CT and MRI in forensics and law enforcement.


Differentiate between conventional autopsy and virtual autopsy.


List the benefits radiology lends to anthropology, law enforcement and the justice system.

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Kristin Beinschroth, MPH, BSRS, RT(R), CHES, Assistant Professor, Radiologic Sciences; California Baptist University

Kristin Beinschroth is an Assistant Professor in the Bachelor of Radiologic Sciences program at California Baptist University. With 11 years as a registered radiologic technologist and 9 years as an educator in the field of radiology, Kristin brings fresh perspective, innovative ideas and passion for advocacy.

She was recently awarded the Elsevier Faculty Development Scholarship by the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology Annual Conference 2023. Kristin also uses social media to advocate for the radiologic sciences and to make learning about radiology easier for everyone. You can find her on Instagram @okshesrad and Tiktok @ohsherad.

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