Cassling presents a new program tailored to Executive Leaders

In today’s ever-changing and complex healthcare business climate, executives must invest time and resources into advancing their existing leadership skills in order to drive effective change and make a meaningful impact within their organizations.

Introducing the Cassling Leadership Institute, a new quarterly initiative featuring high-quality, evidence-based continuing education for healthcare executives and leaders looking to expand their knowledge and skill sets.


Quarterly Courses Scheduled for 2019

2/27/2019 1pm CST
Enhancing Your Leadership with Evidence-Based Best Practices
Expires 4/1/20
Organizational-change black
5/1/2019 1pm CDT
Navigating the Stress of Organizational Change
Expires 8/1/20
8/21/2019 1pm CDT
Analyzing Performance Issues & Leading the Right Way
Expires 12/1/20
11/13/2019 1pm CST
Emotional Intelligence: Shared Thinking for Workplace Success


On demand coming soon!

This leadership course was exceptionally presented. Dr. Freel did a great job summarizing an immense amount of practical information into a 60-minute webinar.
C-suite attendee
This is a much-needed series covering current trends in leadership.
Director attendee
A great lecture with active participation throughout the presentation and meaningful Q&A. I will recommend our leaders take advantage of these courses.
Manager attendee

Benefits of Cassling’s Leadership Institute

No cost
Earn certificates and badges to display on LinkedIn
Content catered to executives and their complex environments
Expert speakers with evidence-based strategies
Offered live and on-demand for your convenience



About 'Investing in You'

For the past 15 years, Cassling has supported the imaging community and the techs who are ‘in the trenches’ with resources to advance their clinical practice and patient care competencies. Cassling's Investing in You program has supplied CE credits to thousands of front-line imaging providers through free webinars and seminars. In this capacity, Cassling has helped radiology technologists, sonographers and department managers maintain their certifications and stay up to date on a variety of clinical trends and topics. 




Partnership with Bellevue University

To ensure these educational opportunities will be worthy of an executive’s limited time, Cassling has combined its industry-leading standard with Bellevue University’s world-class professional development expertise. A partner to the U.S. Armed Forces branches, community colleges and businesses across the nation—perhaps most notably the Walt Disney Co. and Walmart, Bellevue University is a recognized national leader in preparing students for lifelong success with career-relevant knowledge and skills. Bellevue's current clientele have professed to immediate and sustainable advances in productivity, efficiency, morale, innovation, strategic thinking, accountability, and effectiveness. 

Questions about our educational program?

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