Building an Inspired Personal Brand

by Cassling on Jun 5, 2023

AdobeStock_82179801Through this educational webinar, you will embark on a guided, self-reflective journey that will enable you to understand what a personal brand is, how to build an authentic and inspired personal brand, and why this is important in today’s workplace – yes, even the healthcare industry.

Branding expert Laura Barnard will walk you through each phase of building your personal brand (discovery, strategy and activation) and she will provide a template for you to create your own unique personal brand playbook and equip you with a toolkit of strategies and tactics to help build and home in on your own inspired personal brand, both online and offline.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define what personal branding is
  • Discuss how to build an authentic and inspired personal brand
  • Explain why personal branding is important in today’s workplace


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Cassling strengthens community healthcare through customer-centric imaging and therapeutic technology, services and solutions. From critical access hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers to large health systems and IDNs, Cassling is committed to helping healthcare organizations improve access and outcomes, create efficiencies and lower costs.

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