Who Wants a Feedback Sandwich? Yuck! Providing Constructive Feedback to Your Sonography Team

by Cassling on Dec 7, 2021


Many sonographers struggle with providing constructive feedback.  Young sonographers who may have learned a new technique may be intimidated by a more seasoned sonographer and not want to be seen as the "upstart know-it-all".  Seasoned sonographers may struggle to remember what it was like to have to think through every step of something that has been automatic to them for years, making it difficult to explain.  Sonographers who are clinical preceptors often struggle with providing constructive feedback to students because they don’t want to be the bad guy. Sonography students may struggle to ask questions about technique when they are overwhelmed because everyone teaching them does things a little differently and they don't want to come across as argumentative.  However, without honest feedback, we can't grow and learn as professionals.

 Sonography, like the rest of medical technology, is constantly changing, requiring collaboration and a culture of life-long learning from successful sonographers, which also needs to be modeled to sonography students in the clinical setting.  This presentation will go over standards regarding clinical supervision of sonography students, basics of constructive feedback, and how effective communication and teamwork between sonographers, sonography educators and sonography students are the keys to success.  We really are all in this together with the same overall goal: to help achieve optimal patient outcomes by providing the best possible diagnostic information.

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