How to Work with People: A Guide to Playing Nicely with Others

by Cassling on May 11, 2023

Healthcare Team Working Together

Humans. No matter what we might wish, we have to work with them to get stuff done. Unfortunately, when we join a team, it doesn’t come with a manual. Figuring out how to get things done and get everyone pulling in the same direction can be a nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be! In this example-driven talk you’ll learn what a personality type is, you’ll learn some methods for communicating better with others, and you’ll dip a toe into the psychology of team dynamics - all without having to read a huge textbook or a bunch of manager-focused books trying to sell you something. You’ll come away with tools you can use to be a better teammate and to create a stronger team, regardless of your role. Let’s get started actually working together!

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the difference between a working group and a team, and what benefits and costs teams have over working groups
  • Describe the process that teams and working groups go through as they form and start to work together
  • Identify a list of ways in which you can positively affect the process to create stronger teams and better outcomes

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