Control-Alt-Delete: Resetting and Strengthening our Systems

by Cassling on Dec 28, 2022

Investing-in-You-IIU-On-DemandJust as children find comfort and safety in routines, setting expectations and boundaries, we should find value in creating strong systems and structures in our workplace. We are a part of a system and our individual work affects all the other moving parts. Structures are how that system connects to all the parts and works together. Those structures in place will serve to give feedback to the system and determine how well the system, as a whole, works.

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things in our daily work - sometimes for the better. This session will offer ideas through observations, activities and stories from the field about how we strengthen our structures and systems in our workplace and ultimately continue to be a strong contributor to our team. It is time to hit control-alt-delete and reset our systems!

Learning Objectives:

  • Define five things that can strengthen our systems
  • Develop your "why” for doing the work you do
  • Identify what makes a good teammate
  • Recognize how reflection can help grow your individual practice
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