Successful Team Strategies for Constant Change

by Cassling on May 21, 2024

Healthcare Team Gathered Around an iPadWhew! These past two years have been full of constant and demanding work changes, as well as staff and position changes. With change comes stress and discomfort. In this session we will look at the typical stages of team development and how change and stress can impact these.

You will have a chance to understand where you are individually, and as a team. Then we will delve into change, why it can be so uncomfortable and distressing and how to reduce this for yourself and your entire group. Together, we will learn how to appreciate the impact we have on one another when we are stressed and understand how to reduce this. Finally, we will discover multiple ways to help individuals and the entire team with change, surprise, and at times, loss, by decreasing stress and increasing a sense of calm, competence and confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the stages of teaming and how this past year has impacted these
  • Identify where you are, where the group is and how we all transition in different ways
  • Normalize the often-chaotic process of change and learn how to move through it with greater ease
  • Explain strategies to adapt to current changes and upcoming changes in an easier way
  • Implement ways to avoid the approaches that can derail change
  • Strengthen both personal and team transition & change skills


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