To Care is Human: Transforming the Healthcare Experience

by Cassling on Jan 26, 2024

patient-care-1It’s time to reframe our thinking on patient experience and reinforce the core strategies driving the human experience at the heart of healthcare.

By acknowledging every person has the potential to impact the human experience in healthcare, we will look at the foundational concepts of experience, why experience matters and the impact it can have. Through exploring the findings of recent landmark studies from The Beryl Institute, we will identify the common themes and opportunities found by looking at the patient experience movement from a global perspective, as well as their implications for action.

The lessons learned will be supported by the latest findings from The State of Human Experience 2023, which reinforces the connection of quality, safety and service in driving the best overall experience for all who serve in and are served by healthcare. Be prepared to challenge your thinking, explore new ideas and walk away reignited to lead the global effort to achieve patient experience excellence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and understand the impact of an integrated view of experience.
  • Consider the strategic imperative of a focus on experience.
  • Identify areas to tackle in order to change the experience for both those who serve and the patients and families who are served.
  • Identify specific opportunities to deliver excellence in the diagnostic experience.
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