What Is Race and Why Does It Matter? Session 2

by Cassling on Aug 30, 2023

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“What Is Race and Why Does It Matter?” seeks to unpack the concept of race by exploring how we as individuals, as healthcare providers and as a society define race. Through a deeper knowledge of the complexities of this important topic, participants can begin to understand how race impacts the care we provide, patients’ perceptions, experience and health outcomes.

In session 2, these topics will be discussed:

  • Why does race matter?
    • Implicit bias
    • Social determinants of health
  • Where do we start?
    • Equity and health equity
    • Anti-racist action

Session 1 can be found here.

Learning Objectives:

  • Critically evaluate the genetics of race and race as a social construct
  • Define personal racial, ethnic and cultural identity
  • Define and identify racism and implicit bias
  • Define and identify social determinants of health
  • Define and identify anti-racist actions

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