Dan Boone Celebrates 20 Years With Cassling

by Cassling on May 18, 2022

Dan-Boone-20 Years-Congrats-MessageWhen it comes to customer service, one person has been a boon to Cassling’s unmatched experience for more than two decades.

Field Service Engineer Dan Boone joined Cassling in 2002 after working with Siemens Healthineers Nuclear Medicine systems for the 15 years prior to that. And in that time, he has developed a reputation as someone who can tackle most any problem with a system.

“Dan has been a Nuke Med whisperer and guru,” said Director of Service Shawn Pew. “He is consistently relied on for his knowledge and expertise throughout the Cassling territory and he is routinely called on to assist with any difficult issues that pop up.”

When Cassling acquired the Midwest Sales and Service areas, Dan had a choice to make. He was offered a position with Siemens in Knoxville, Tennessee, but he ultimately decided to join Cassling and remain close to his family in Omaha. Another bonus? He got to keep his customer base and work for a company with a family atmosphere.

“Dan has always played a key role in our service success with Siemens,” said Vice President of Service Joe Matthews. “His expertise in molecular imaging and superior customer service have helped us tremendously over the years. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary, Dan, and thank you for all your hard work!”

“I’ve been amazed over the years at Dan’s technical and customer skills,” said Regional Service Manager Tim Elder. “So many times, I’ve heard customers say things like, ‘He’s the best!’ We were lucky to have him come to us from Siemens.”

“Dan has an easygoing personality that allows him to defuse stressful situations and project a level of calm and confidence to our customers,” said Shawn. “This, along with his vast experience and expertise, has resulted in long-standing customer relationships. Over the past 20 years, Dan has ensured Cassling’s customers continue to receive the ongoing service and support that distinguishes us from our competition.

Service Coordinator Aline Quick has worked with Dan since her first day at Cassling in 2010 and noted Dan’s willingness to stay cool under pressure.

“Dan has always had a positive attitude and a willingness to help when needed,” said Aline. “Because his demeanor is always calm and collected, you can never tell if he has too much on his plate, is in the middle of fixing a down system or just checking in on customers.”

Around Cassling, Dan is known for his relationships with his customers,
his calm demeanor and his love for his family.

“Dan is very easy to talk to and is someone who would literally give you the shirt off his back if you asked him,” said Shawn. “Dan’s greatest love is his family and spending time with them, including taking them boating on the river whenever time allows.”


“Dan balances work life and personal life really well and is always proud to show off his grandson when he brings him into the office for a quick trip,” said Aline. “Congratulations on your 20 years, Dan!”

“Congratulations, Dan, on 20 years with Cassling!” said Tim. “There is no question that Dan’s 20 years has significantly contributed to Cassling’s success.”

Shawn concluded by saying how much he has appreciated Dan’s friendship over the years and how much he’s enjoyed serving as his manager.

“Dan, congratulations on your 20-year anniversary with Cassling!” said Shawn. “It has been a pleasure working with you.”

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