Scott Urbank Delivers Superhero Service for 20 Years

by Shawn Pew on Oct 6, 2023


At Cassling, we believe imaging equipment is the heartbeat of healthcare facilities. Our customers rely on us to keep their equipment up and running, and their patients rely on our customers to keep them healthy.

So when you have a service team that treats equipment like patients and customers like family, the result is a world-class experience with superhero service. It’s an experience that Field Service Engineer Scott Urbank has provided to our customers for 20 years.

“When I first started working with Scott, I never knew what an adventure it would be. It seemed like, somehow, he found himself in the worst down-system calls I have ever seen!” said fellow FSE Rod Rosenbohm. “Most, if not all, were MR systems. I learned too late that every system we work on can be turned off. Once an MR is started up, it is alive, you cannot just ‘turn it off.’ And it’s our job to keep it alive.

“One time I was working with Scott in Nebraska City on an MR Software MOD. Scott got a call, he told me to keep working and that he had to go back to Lincoln. As you might have guessed, an MR had died. It had quenched and been lying there for a week – not good. Two weeks later, Scott had the MR back up and breathing. Later, this MR was moved to and, while ramping to field, Scott introduced me to my first quench (a quench is like a little explosion and not something you want to happen at work).

“Other adventures include working until 4 in the morning; of course, it was an MR. There have been other adventures with other modalities: CT, NucMed, etc., but no matter what, Scott always gets the job done and puts his customer first. Congratulations – or sympathies – for 20 years.”

“Congratulations to Scott Urbank for his 20 years of service with Cassling!” said Regional Service Manager Tim Elder. “Our customers love his attention to detail, fantastic technical ability and speed of service. Scott's skills and experience continue to impress customers in and around the Lincoln area, where he's been responsible for Siemens MRI, PET/CT, and NucMed systems.

“Scott is never afraid to tackle a problem. Over the years, we consistently receive great feedback from his customers because he goes out of his way to treat them like family. These customers know, like and trust him because of his ability to establish and grow great relationships. Congrats, Scott, and thanks for all that you do!”

“Happy 20-year anniversary!” said Account Executive Dan Olson. “Scott can always be counted on to bring first-class professionalism to the workplace. He is an incredibly valuable asset to Cassling. Keep up the excellent work!”

Beyond his superhuman ability to bring an MR back to life and build rock-solid relationships, Scott harnesses one other superpower: playing guitar.

“You may not know Scott is an accomplished guitarist,” said Rod. “Years ago, Mark Lehman, Scott and I were known as the Cassling Trio and practiced in his basement playing a variety of songs. Although we never made the big time, many fond memories were made and Scott did make it to open mic night in downtown Lincoln (great reviews).”

It’s an impressive resume, to say the least. I’d like to congratulate Scott on reaching his 20th service anniversary; this is a remarkable achievement. The feedback we receive from Scott’s customers clearly illustrates how much he cares for them and the pride he takes in his work. We are lucky to have had his talents on our team for the past two decades. Thanks for riffing with us for the past 20 years, Scott!

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Meet the Author

Shawn Pew is the Vice President of Service at Cassling. Over the years, Shawn has held various leadership roles within the Cassling service team, including Director of Clinical Information Management, Regional Service Manager, and Sr. Director of Service. In his current role as VP of Service, Shawn leads the entire equipment implementation and service teams while also working with customers to develop customized service solutions. Shawn joined Cassling in 2001. Prior to that, he worked as a registered CT/MR Technologist and as an applications manager at an MRI coil development and manufacturing company. Shawn received his Bachelor of Science degree in radiation sciences from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, graduating with the honor of High Distinction.

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