A Man of Many Modalities: Jeremy Long Celebrates 20 Years of Dedicated Service

by Shawn Pew on Dec 1, 2023

Jeremy Long Cassling FSE Servicing a Hologic System

As Cassling continues to grow, we’re always evolving to better serve our customers. One way we’re doing this is by expanding our equipment service offerings. Expanded service is an ask that came from our customers, and it is a direct result of the trust and confidence they have in dedicated field service engineers like Jeremy Long.

For twenty years, Jeremy’s expertise, reliability and calm demeanor have made him a "go-to" for customers and coworkers alike. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been able to work with Jeremy more on a one-on-one basis. The one word that stands out to me when describing Jeremy is "dedication." Dedication to our customers and his colleagues to provide the absolute best service in the industry.

I must admit though, I imagine when he sees my number pop up, he probably sighs a bit because I’m usually asking him for help outside of his already busy schedule. One example is when a former employee was struggling with a mammography unit. I called Jeremy to see if he could rearrange his schedule to drive 3.5 hours one way to help. Another example was an ask to drive to Kansas from his home in North Platte for a CT Tube replacement. In both instances, Jeremy did not hesitate and rearranged his schedule to get it done.

"Jeremy’s 20 years with Cassling have been a story of overcoming challenges, providing consistent customer service excellence, and finding the location where he thrives," said his Regional Service Manager (RSM) Tim Elder. "He began his career with Cassling in other cities in Nebraska before settling in North Platte because this is where we needed him, and he has been here for many years now." The challenge was moving to a small town that was hours from where he grew up in Omaha. To his credit, he found success and has thrived in his role ever since.

"Our customers in and around North Platte continue to rave about his service as they buy more equipment and service contracts from Cassling. Many customers over the years have specifically told us they are buying from Cassling because they know and trust Jeremy as their service guy. In North Platte, they signed a 10-year agreement with Cassling for service and ongoing sales. In Broken Bow, the customer loved Jeremy’s service so much that they signed Cassling’s first ever service agreement on a Hologic mammography system. In Colby, Kansas, the Radiology Director moved there from McCook, Nebraska, where Jeremy has serviced their imaging equipment for years. The customer told us they would only buy from Cassling if Jeremy was going to service their equipment, and that is what they have done."

Justin Long Cassling FSE at Broken Bow 
"Jeremy’s knowledge, technical skill, and fantastic customer service have paved the way for so many customers in central and western Nebraska to show their love for Cassling. He travels 40,000 to 50,000 miles per year to take care of his customers. I love his humility, tenacity, and dedication to doing the right thing. He is always thinking about how to better serve and improve the situations around him.

"Due to his location and the needs of our customers, he has been trained on and works on almost every modality: MR, CT, PET/CT, NucMed, Cath/Angio, X-ray and Mammography. While it is a challenge for him to stay current on all these equipment types, he knows our customers depend on him every day. I am constantly impressed by how he handles all these challenges.

"Jeremy is a huge part of the success of our Nebraska service team. As his RSM, he makes my job easier. He is what makes Cassling different and better than our competition. I appreciate all his efforts and congratulate him on 20 years at Cassling!"

"I have worked with Jeremy for all his 20 years," said 35-year veteran FSE Reed Poulsen. "The trait I admire most about Jeremy is his ability to stay so chill under stressful situations. He works on so many modalities that I have no idea how he keeps them all straight.

"North Platte Hospital loves him. Jeremy is always willing to help whenever I call him. I appreciate and respect him a lot."

"Jeremy has a very strong commitment to the customers he serves," said AE Kathy Obsorne. "He is dependable, reliable and even-tempered, which is why his customers love him. What I admire the most about Jeremy is his dedication to his family. Congratulations on 20 years, Jeremy!"

"Congratulations, Jeremy, on 20 great years!" said fellow FSE David Kenkel. "Your ability to adapt to so many different machines has been invaluable to the team and our customers."

Cassling’s dedicated and talented FSEs like Jeremy provide the world-class service that results in the long-term relationships that fuel our growth. We thank you, Jeremy, for all you’ve done and continue to do for Cassling and our customers. The service you provide has resulted in countless repeat system purchases and replacements with customers asking for you by name. Congratulations on your 20-year service anniversary!

Jeremy Long 20 Year Anniversary Graphic

Meet the Author

Shawn Pew is the Vice President of Service at Cassling. Over the years, Shawn has held various leadership roles within the Cassling service team, including Director of Clinical Information Management, Regional Service Manager, and Sr. Director of Service. In his current role as VP of Service, Shawn leads the entire equipment implementation and service teams while also working with customers to develop customized service solutions. Shawn joined Cassling in 2001. Prior to that, he worked as a registered CT/MR Technologist and as an applications manager at an MRI coil development and manufacturing company. Shawn received his Bachelor of Science degree in radiation sciences from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, graduating with the honor of High Distinction.

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