From the CEO's Desk: Lessons on Leadership, Service and Supporting the Community

by Cassling on Feb 23, 2022

Mike Cassling, CEO of Cassling and CQuence Health Group was featured on February's issue of Midlands Business Journal. The article discusses Mike's dedication to maintaining Cassling and CQuence's stellar reputation in healthcare and highlights his passion for his employees, his customers, and for serving the community. 

“Customer service is ultra-critical to us because patients’ lives are on the table,” said Cassling. “We have a big service business and we always say, ‘Fix this like your grandmother or your mother is going to be the next patient walking in that door,’ because they could be. Our employees take that very seriously and it’s reflected in our commitment to get out to fix equipment as fast as possible and make sure we fix it the first time.”

The article goes on to underline Cassling's leadership skills, which he admits have come with years of experience. He also acknowledges how important it is to hire the correct people and give them the resources they need to set them up for success.

“In any business it all comes down to the people, finding those great leaders and making sure they have the tools and education to be able to do what you need them to.”

In addition to his dedication to leadership and customer service, Cassling is always looking for ways to serve his community, citing his mother as his role model in giving back to others, such as the Salvation Army and local performing arts centers.

“My mom was big on giving back and giving to the community….I’m pretty sure that was in my DNA and I love doing that,” said Cassling. “The first organization that I got involved with was the Salvation Army; I’ve been involved there for about 30 years now locally. I love how hard the officers and others work and how they take care of a lot of the people… to truly get them up off their feet and back as good people within the communities.”

 Midlands Business Journal concludes the article by recognizing Mike’s core operating philosophy. “Stock the cupboard with talent…, then root in it the fertile soil of customer service and genuine caring at the point of sale and in every interaction afterward.”

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