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What’s New in Ultrasound Tech – 2023 Edition

While you weren’t looking, a lot has been happening in the field of ultrasound! New technologies, new workflows, new best practices. Over just a few short years, the potential uses of ultrasound have grown exponentially, and that means exciting things for you and your imaging team. Join us as we take a look at the latest... Read more

Trends in Ultrasound 2022: Shear Wave Elastography

Chronic liver disease (CLD) and cirrhosis are major health problems in the United States. In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 4.5 million adults were diagnosed with liver disease. In 2019, CLD and cirrhosis claimed more than 44,000 American lives. And according to a 2018 study by Intermountain Medical... Read more

Trends in Ultrasound 2022

New Ultrasound technology in detecting liver lesions, ultrasound’s role in the fight against COVID-19, and more… Are the days of invasive tests behind us? Not yet. But ultrasound is bringing us closer than ever before, and liver imaging provides a good example. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound Advances in ultrasound, known for... Read more

Ultrasound in the Age of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has tested our healthcare system like never before, and physicians are leaning on imaging providers to provide diagnostic testing for patients who are expected to have or are suffering from the virus. One area that’s started to gain more attention in diagnostic protocols is ultrasound. Read more

4 Steps to Improving the Ultrasound Patient Experience

The technical component of sonography is only part of the picture. That’s not exactly a controversial statement. Most clinics and hospitals pride themselves on the premium level of care they provide to patients, and that includes showing compassion and helping the patient to understand their medical situation. After all,... Read more

Sonographers: Reduce Pain and Strain with These Tips

You care about your patients. But who cares for you? As ultrasound technology progresses each year, one thing innovators increasingly turn their attention to is reducing strain on the sonographer. Things like cordless transducers, AI-enhanced sequencing and one-push controls have all been designed to improve the patient... Read more

4 Reasons to Attend an Ultrasound Road Show (Plus a Letter to Your Boss)

All throughout the month of October, Cassling and Siemens Healthineers are hitting the road to bring the latest innovations in ultrasound to cities throughout the Midwest. Read more

Patients May Benefit as Sonography Becomes a Go-To Procedure

Advances in ultrasound technology, combined with hospitals looking to provide highly accurate yet affordable care to patients, have led to a shift in the way ultrasound is viewed. Exams are now being used to complement or even take the place of the types of diagnostic procedures that previously would have required an MRI,... Read more

3 Key Steps To Ultrasound Fleet Standardization

With everything that’s been happening in the field of ultrasound, you might start to get a serious case of FOMO if you’re still using equipment that’s more than a few years old. Recently, the industry has turned its attention toward improved workflows, a better experience for the patient and a new level of ergonomic... Read more

8 Benefits of Standardizing Your Ultrasound Fleet

Whether you are part of an independent facility, small-town hospital or a large healthcare system, your ultrasound fleet may consist of diverse brands, models and versions, owing to the myriad of functions you need to perform. Read more

5 Ways Automated Ultrasound is Revolutionizing Sonography

Manual ultrasound is so 2015. For decades, conducting an ultrasound required a willingness to engage in the same processes over and over again. Any sonographer reading this probably has fingertips that reflexively know the exact keystrokes required to capture an image and move on to the next mode or portion of the study. Read more

As You Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness, Take Time to Care for Your Techs

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means many of you are hosting women’s health wellness fairs and advertising your mammography services in local papers and magazines. One thing I hope you are also doing is setting aside some time to celebrate and take care of your mammographers. As front-line healthcare... Read more

3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Improves Outcomes and Reduces Costs

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, and when it comes to finding cancer—the sooner the better. There has been some debate in the women’s health community about what the right age is for women to start undergoing breast cancer screenings. Many recommend that women of higher risk (which includes... Read more

New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines May Create Patient Uncertainty

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently updated their 2009 breast cancer screening guidelines from recommending women of average risk aged 40 or older undergo screening every one to two years, to now recommending women of average risk aged 50 to 74 undergo screening every other year. Average risk... Read more

Knowledge is Power: The Importance of Breast Density Education

One in eight American women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Thankfully, most women are aware of the importance of regular mammography screenings when diagnosing breast cancer. Read more