Commitment and Loyalty Mark Rod Rosenbohm's Decades of Service

by Cassling Blog on Aug 28, 2018

Rod R & Scott U with CTAs Field Service Engineer Rod Rosenbohm celebrates 30 years of helping the Midwest's hospitals maintain maximum equipment uptime, friends and colleagues chimed in with their thoughts on what makes Rod's career at Cassling so special. Not surprisingly, almost all were quick to point to his loyalty to customers and commitment to the job as key factors in his incredible success.

"My congratulations and thanks to Rod for 30 years of dedication to providing great service to Cassling customers!" – Marty Huebner, former Executive Vice President of Service

"Rod, I would like to welcome you to the Three-Decade Club at Cassling! Congratulations on reaching this milestone achievement. Thank you for your commitment to our customers and the company. It’s been a pleasure working with you all these years and I look forward to many more." – Joe Matthews, Vice President of Service

photo Rod R at Memorial Stadium
"Congratulations Rod on reaching your 30-year service anniversary! Whether we were trying to find our way around Philadelphia in the Artesian days, working till the wee hours of the morning doing upgrades, or eating at ‘the corner,’ it has been a pleasure being your co-worker and manager. You have always had a great work ethic and have always put the needs of Cassling’s customers first. Your positive attitude reflects all of the positive and long-lasting relationships you have garnered through the years. Congratulations again and here’s looking to many more!" – Shawn Pew, Omaha/Central Iowa Regional Service Manager

"Congratulations Rod on 30 years with Cassling. Looking forward to many more lunches in the future." – Eldon Gruber, Retired Field Service Engineer

"I want to congratulate Rod for serving Cassling customers for the past 30 years! As a field service engineer in Lincoln, Rod has worked in networking and in X-ray, so his experience is a true asset. Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure to see first-hand his great attitude, his amazing attention to detail, his dedication to our customers, and even his humor. He is one of the many reasons why our customers continue to choose Cassling service. Rod deserves a special thank you for all of his efforts for 30 years. Congratulations Rod!" — Tim Elder, Nebraska Regional Service Manager