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Mike Cassling Celebrates 35 Years of Philanthropy, Employee Support and Business Leadership

This year, Cassling celebrates the 35-year anniversary of the one team member who just so happens to share a name with our company itself. Mike Cassling started on the Cassling sales team, but it wasn’t long before he was making an impact on the entire company, steering the ship through numerous changes and expanding... Read more

Customers, Co-Workers Recognize Ryan Wachter's 20 Years of Service

Ryan Wachter is someone who takes customer service seriously. He bends over backwards to solves clients' problems quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Still, people closest to him also know he has a hidden comedic streak too. As Shawn Pew, Regional Service Manager puts it: Read more

Brent Headley Doubles Down on Customer Service for 20 Years

Those who know Field Service Engineer (FSE) Brent Headley well know he’s a betting man. And that has translated well to his experience in the field for Cassling. Read more

Field Service Engineer Reed Poulsen Celebrates 30 Years with Cassling

This summer, Reed Poulsen, one of Cassling's longest-serving Field Service Engineers, celebrated 30 years of offering exceptional equipment service to customers. Here, those who know Reed best offer their congratulations, along with a few photos highlighting just how much imaging equipment (and Reed himself!) have changed... Read more

Commitment and Loyalty Mark Rod Rosenbohm's Decades of Service

As Field Service Engineer Rod Rosenbohm celebrates 30 years of helping the Midwest's hospitals maintain maximum equipment uptime, friends and colleagues chimed in with their thoughts on what makes Rod's career at Cassling so special. Not surprisingly, almost all were quick to point to his loyalty to customers and... Read more

Kathy Osborne Celebrates 20 Years in the Family Business

When Account Executive Kathy Osborne was a kid, she visited a client hospital with her father, Ken Vetter, a man instrumental to the company’s initial success. While there, she got a firsthand look at the X-ray machines and other equipment that Cassling Diagnostic Imaging has been supplying to hospitals for upwards of... Read more

Retiring Engineer Exemplifies the Best of Cassling Service

Most people probably know Dan Spahn as a reliable, intelligent Field Service Engineer whom hospitals trust to handle any number of imaging equipment issues they encounter. Read more

Jason Horst Celebrates 20 Years of Pristine Field Service

Customers are often in disbelief when they discover how quickly our Field Service Engineers get back to them about service issues. And that’s thanks largely in part to intelligent, hard-working individuals like Jason Horst. “Recently a new customer was skeptical about how quickly we would really respond to their service... Read more

Customers Come First for Kevin Richardson, Field Service Engineer

For Kevin Richardson, Cassling Field Service Engineer, a vacation means something quite different from what it might mean to the rest of us. Read more