Need Help? Dana Downs Has You Covered For Over 20 Years

by Tana Phelps on Jul 7, 2020

Dana and Lili with 20-Year PlaqueIt’s the little things you remember.

When asked to share memories about Dana Downs on the eve of her 20th anniversary with Cassling, her friends and colleagues almost universally mentioned her enthusiasm, support, knowledge and welcoming presence. But each also had a unique story to tell about a subtle way Dana would do a little something extra to make life better for her coworkers and the company.

“Dana has always been a team player, lending a helping hand to those who need it,” said Service Coordinator Aline Quick. “She is always willing to jump in and assist with anything, from phone coverage to switching lunches and even lending her artistic abilities outside of work for the Halloween decorating contest. She also makes mean desserts she brings in to share and is always thoughtful in remembering what individuals like (Reese’s peanut butter cups!), surprising you with one on your desk from time to time. Congratulations, Dana, on your 20 years at Cassling.”

“Dana is so awesome, I hope I can provide some worthy text,” said Sales Contract Coordinator Monica Casey. “When I was in her department, she was always so helpful and made time to help me out with any issues I had. Her calm and patient demeanor, even when she is swamped with work, was always something I greatly appreciated. Even though I miss seeing her as much these days, I wish her all the best and want to say congratulations for 20 years with Cassling!”

“I’m not sure how Dana became the designated ‘coffee maker’ and ‘coffee pot cleaner,’ but without fail, she makes sure those carafes near the Service Operations and Accounting departments are replenished and cleaned out every day,” said Service Operations Manager Lili Shim. “I bet the coffee drinkers really appreciate that and they notice when she’s on PTO – especially those who drink coffee by the gallon 😊.”

Whether it’s the big things or the little things, it’s clear that Cassling just wouldn’t be the same without Dana Downs. To celebrate 20 years at the company, those who know Dana well have plenty of other awesome things to say.

Dana Misty Tammy at Food Bank“It has been my pleasure to work closely with Dana for all of her 20 years at Cassling,” said Service Analyst Michelle Heaton. “We have been through many changes together at work and in our personal lives, and she has been a strong and supportive coworker and friend. Congratulations, Dana, on reaching your 20-year milestone. I hope we will spend several more together at Cassling!”

“I’m happy to have worked with Dana all these years,” said Returns Coordinator Jamie Norton. “She is a perfect example of a Cassling employee. She’s very knowledgeable about her job, contributes greatly to her department and continues to develop and support such a great company. Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary, Dana.”

“Dana has been great to work with,” said Contract Analyst Karrie Armbruster. “She is always willing to help if she can. You can also count on her for a good story about Cassling’s history. Congratulations on 20 years!”

“Dana is the type of person who will always have your back,” said Installation Specialist Misty Green. “She goes above and beyond every day and is always asking if she can help you. Not only is she a great coworker who can always be counted on, but she is a really great friend. At work, and outside of work, she has always been there for me! Congratulations on your milestone, Dana, I am so glad to be on this journey with you!”

“Dana is a great team member and coworker and a good friend,” said Contract Specialist Bobbi Poe. “She is ready to help in any situation and always has a positive attitude. She also has a wealth of knowledge about company systems and company history. She is quite often my go-to person! Congrats on 20 years.”

Customer Service Week“I am happy to say I have had the honor of working with Dana for two thirds of her 20 years!” said Carol Armitage, Vice President of Operations. “Over the years, I have enjoyed getting to know her and her family. I have a picture from 2011 when we hosted an ‘Inspiring Youth Day,’ a version of bring-your-child-to-work day. This day working with Dana was extra special. Her daughter was able to see firsthand how important her mom is here at Cassling. And every time I would see her daughter, she would give me the biggest hug. Not only is Dana a rock star at the office, but she has done a fantastic job as a mom and it shows. Congratulations on 20 years – I hope your daughter gives you one of her great hugs!”

“Dana has experienced a lot of change in her 20 years at Cassling,” said Lili. “She once described to me how handwritten service reports from the FSEs used to be typed out by team members in the office as part of the work order and billing process. Thank goodness for technological advancements!

“Dana also has a calming presence, which is a blessing during times when things get a bit hectic. She is very conscientious about providing the best service possible. Whether she is helping team members, responding to RSM and customer requests or up against an eleventh-hour deadline, Dana ensures she lends a hand with a caring demeanor. Congratulations!”

Thank you, Dana, for your two decades of service at Cassling. You are a valued team member in Service Operations, and you help keep things moving along in billing and beyond. Congratulations on your special milestone anniversary – may you continue to reach many more milestones at Cassling!

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