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Ryan Mahler Goes Above and Beyond for 20 Years

At Cassling, it’s our philosophy that superior customer service always comes first. It's particularly rewarding when our customers have amazing things to say about our Field Service Engineers, especially one as capable and experienced as Ryan Mahler, who recently celebrated 20 years with Cassling. Read more

One of the GOATs: Jason Schmitt Celebrates 20 Years at Cassling

Goats are naturally curious and highly sociable creatures. Perhaps that’s why Jason Schmitt, whose colleagues consider him one of the Greatest of All Time (GOAT), has found so much success as a Cassling Field Service Engineer over the past 20 years. It’s not a bad combination when your career success thrives on... Read more

Cassling Leadership Institute Returns to Guide Healthcare Innovators

2023 marks the five-year anniversary of the Cassling Leadership Institute. It’s shocking to think about how much has changed in healthcare in that relatively short amount of time. Staffing challenges have only grown fiercer even as managers and directors have to figure out ways to do more with less (less time, less team,... Read more

Keeping Teams Connected with Your Healthcare Mission

Simply put, your organization’s healthcare mission is a promise. Wrapped up in a simple statement are the core beliefs and guiding principles that create an environment where promises can be kept — not just to the patients you serve, but also to the clinicians and staff who choose to work for your organization. Read more

Creating a Culture of Coaching

Coaching has become one of the most critical yet value-adding competencies for a leader in any organization. If you want to improve overall performance as an organization or department, you won't accomplish it by adding new and expensive hardware. You won't achieve it by introducing new technology or processes. It’s a... Read more

Wholehearted Mental Wellness: Leading with a Resilient Perspective

As healthcare industry professionals, we often wear thick emotional armor at work. That armor can interfere with truly being in touch with our emotions and emotional challenges. In this Brene Brown-inspired webinar, I’ll help you discover the authentic you and show you how to apply what you learn in changing your lifestyle. Read more

Motivation Innovation: How to Inspire Peak Performance from Your Team

Motivation is inherent in leadership. Whether or not you take the view that leaders can actually motivate someone or that they can only establish the environment for employees to BE motivated, our organizations expect us as leaders to get the most out of our employees. That’s where motivation comes in. Motivation isn’t... Read more

Values, Ethics & Culture: The Wind in Our Sails

Our values, ethics and especially our organizational culture fill our sails and propel us forward. I consistently tell my students and organizations this when it comes to leadership. These three things are what fill us up. They literally push us forward like a wind-filled sail. But what does that look like? How do we know... Read more

Strategy: Charting the Course in Healthcare

Strategy and leadership go hand in hand. One of the things I like about organizational strategy is that it takes creative, innovative and brave leadership to move an organization into the unknown. It’s like sailing into uncharted waters. It’s a place you have to go but it’s a little scary and you’re not quite sure what... Read more

Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Employee and Organizational Conflict

One of the things I often hear from leaders, regardless of what industry they are in, is that they want to know what to do about difficult employees or situations. Invariably, it has something to do with some kind of conflict they are dealing with. And invariably, I tell them that I don’t have a silver bullet to fix their... Read more

Online Continuing Education for Imaging Skyrockets in 2020

If you’re an imaging professional who finds themselves spending more time online seeking continuing education opportunities, you’re not alone. To give you a little peek behind the curtain, Cassling has seen unprecedented demand for our free Continuing Education courses this year. It’s clear that, right now, there’s a large... Read more

Who’s the Captain? Healthcare Leaders at the Helm

Whether you’re driving a bus, a plane or a boat, there’s no question that effective leaders have a significant role in getting people and organizations to where they need to go. Being a leader implies that you are able to move the needle and improve outcomes. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? But the truth is, leadership is... Read more

Leadership Courses for Healthcare: An Invitation to Invest in Yourself

It’s early days yet for 2020. But already, the year is presenting many vexing questions for healthcare leaders. How should responsible health system leaders respond to the outbreak of COVID-19? Will the Affordable Care Act survive its latest challenge in the Supreme Court? Will recent pushes for transparent healthcare... Read more

Emotional Intelligence: Shared Thinking for Workplace Success

Emotional intelligence has been touted as the secret ingredient for success in the workplace. Well, it’s time to let the secret out of the bag. We need to have a conversation about emotional intelligence and the role it plays with leadership. I think there’s a lot of misconception about what emotional intelligence is and... Read more

Analyzing Performance Issues & Leading the Right Way

So you want to talk about performance. That’s not a question. It’s a statement. You want to talk about performance. If you’re a healthcare manager or executive, you need to be giving your employees consistent and constructive feedback about their performance. Read more