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4 Steps to Improving the Ultrasound Patient Experience

The technical component of sonography is only part of the picture. That’s not exactly a controversial statement. Most clinics and hospitals pride themselves on the premium level of care they provide to patients, and that includes showing compassion and helping the patient to understand their medical situation. After all,... Read more

How Mobile CT Workflows Are Transforming the Imaging Experience

For imaging professionals, conducting a CT scan is an everyday occurrence. But for patients, the very same procedure can be rare enough to cause anxiety, particularly if their future health rests on the results they receive. Historically, the CT experience has put barriers between the practitioner and the patient. Imagine:... Read more

Five Essential Tips for a Better Patient Experience

The patient experience is the bedrock of any healthcare practice. It's the cornerstone of loyalty. Quality experiences are what keep patients coming back. Read more

How Customer Service Can Make a Visit to the ER Fun

I’m not a linguist, but I find it very telling that “patient,” a person receiving medical treatment, is spelled and pronounced the same as “patient,” the ability to accept or tolerate delay or suffering without becoming annoyed. We expect a great deal of patience from our patients, especially in the emergency room. Minor... Read more

Making Sense of Your People Puzzle

Are you more “task oriented” or “people oriented?” Are you more outgoing or reserved? What about your staff and patients? How are your interactions with them? About 10 years ago, I was exposed to the DISC model of human behavior. Since that time, I have made it my mission to not only “see patients” but to connect with... Read more

Four Critical Components to Achieve Patient Satisfaction

A trip into the healthcare maze can be a frightening, frustrating and lengthy experience for patients. It’s not uncommon to hear patients refrain: “Expect the worst. Hope for the best. Be prepared to wait, be uncomfortable and be ignored.” Being a healthcare provider has its own challenges as well. “How am I ever going to... Read more

You Can Boost Patient Satisfaction – Even When Things Go Wrong

We all like to think that each patient encounter will be a great service experience. But let’s face it; things can and do go wrong. When my mom was first diagnosed with lung cancer, she had been hospitalized for tests including a biopsy, which collapsed her lung. She needed a CT scan during her inpatient stay and no one... Read more