How can you manage your operations more efficiently to better leverage your workforce?

by Cassling on December 8, 2015



How can you manage your operations more efficiently to better leverage your workforce?The performance and the value a health system can deliver largely depend on the knowledge, skills, and motivation of those individuals responsible for delivering health services. Diagnosis plays an enormous role in high-quality health care, as it reduces the impact of diagnostic error and contributes insights and leadership to the role diagnostic tests play in improving patient outcomes and reducing medical costs.

Diagnostic accuracy reduces cost and increases quality, for example by reducing readmission rates. How does this paradigm connect to your staff? Empowering your staff with diagnostic capabilities significantly determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the way they treat your patients. In the end, accurate diagnosis – and the appropriate use of imaging tools – is a key driver toward the successful transformation of our health-care system.

Success depends on eliminating both overuse and underuse of imaging devices. It is essential that we put in place payment systems that reward early and accurate diagnosis for better patient management – putting patients on the right cure pathway as quickly as possible. - read more -

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