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How can you standardize the quality of care provided in your institution?

Posted by Cassling on December 1, 2015

How can you standardize the quality of care provided in your institution?A hospital’s quality of care is the fundament of its reputation and of referral rates. It equally builds the foundation for clinical accreditation and reimbursement, for both penalties and incentives in this regard. This is especially true for larger hospital chains. Insufficient standards, non-transparent data, or lack of training, knowledge, experience, and IT support may not only lead to unnecessary risk of liability or avoidable costs in therapy due to malpractice – your institution could eventually face losing its standing in a community committed to highest quality standards.

Challenges in this area are generated by a general lack of transparency in the decision-making process, by inefficient sharing of data, by lacking standardization of diagnostic and treatment protocols, or by the absence of quality measurement standards. You probably also have professionals on your payroll with different educational backgrounds and skills – this phenomenon may induce variation of results in the care delivery process as well. - read more -

Topics: Healthcare Transparency, Imaging