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A Man of Many Modalities: Jeremy Long Celebrates 20 Years of Dedicated Service

As Cassling continues to grow, we’re always evolving to better serve our customers. One way we’re doing this is by expanding our equipment service offerings. Expanded service is an ask that came from our customers, and it is a direct result of the trust and confidence they have in dedicated field service engineers like... Read more

Scott Urbank Delivers Superhero Service for 20 Years

At Cassling, we believe imaging equipment is the heartbeat of healthcare facilities. Our customers rely on us to keep their equipment up and running, and their patients rely on our customers to keep them healthy. So when you have a service team that treats equipment like patients and customers like family, the result is a... Read more

Dan Zampogna Celebrates 20 Years of Going the Extra Mile

Committed, hard worker, team player – these are the exact words a company hopes to hear when describing an employee, and just a few of the adjectives used to describe Cassling Field Service Engineer (FSE) Dan Zampogna. After 20 years, Dan continues to wow his managers, peers and customers with his willingness to lend a... Read more

Cassling's Tim Elder Celebrates 20 Years of Service

‘Elder’ describes a senior authority figure who is highly respected and valued for their wisdom. Cassling is lucky to have many whose leadership and service help us strengthen community healthcare, but one aptly named Regional Service Manager (RSM) truly takes things to another level: Tim Elder. Read more

Dave Evans Celebrates 20 Years with Cassling Service

The words “collaborative” and “dedicated” are often used when describing Cassling’s Field Service Engineers, and FSE Dave Evans is no exception. Dave joined Cassling 20 years ago and is known for his commitment to teamwork and knack for getting things done. Read more

Mark Groeneweg Celebrates 20 Years at Cassling

At Cassling, we seek to deliver a high-quality customer service experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers. It’s ingrained in who we are and what we do. But Regional Service Manager Mark Groeneweg takes this commitment so he seriously that he once tracked down a FedEx truck to get a part for a customer. Read more

Dan Boone Celebrates 20 Years With Cassling

When it comes to customer service, one person has been a boon to Cassling’s unmatched experience for more than two decades. Field Service Engineer Dan Boone joined Cassling in 2002 after working with Siemens Healthineers Nuclear Medicine systems for the 15 years prior to that. And in that time, he has developed a... Read more