Achieve exceptional speed and precision to improve patient care and gain a stronger competitive edge.

The MAGNETOM portfolio of MRI scanners from Siemens Healthineers* offers a variety of field strengths and clinical advantages to support your specific requirements.

*Awarded the 2017 Global MRI Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.  Learn more

MAGNETOM Free.Max, the world’s only 80-cm wide-bore available

At less than 3.5 tons and less than 80 inches high, the MAGNETOM Free.Max is the most lightweight, compact whole-body scanner ever offered. This system facilitates MR scanning for extremely obese and claustrophobic patients, enhancing the patient experience.


Where innovation and productivity meet


MAGNETOM Vida is the first 3T scanner to be equipped with the industry-exclusive BioMatrix technology from Siemens Healthineers. BioMatrix overcomes MRI challenges related to patient and user variability to improve workflow efficiency and the patient experience.

  • Fewer potential rescans
  • Predictable scan times for reliable scheduling
  • Consistent, accurate results across all patient and exam types


Achieve up to 50%* more productivity with MAGNETOM Skyra, equipped with Tim® 4G and Dot™ technology. With a 70-cm Open Bore and short system design, achieve a high degree of patient comfort while attaining high-quality images.

  • About Tim 4G and Dot: Tim 4G offers ultra-high-density coils with a maximum of 204* channels, while Dot workflow engines provide a customizable framework for patient personalization, user guidance and exam automation.
    *Channels (coil elements) that can be connected simultaneously

Watch the video to learn more about BioMatrix technology:

  • BioMatrix Sensors automatically detect patient respiration to help the user anticipate scanning challenges and choose the best exam strategy.
  • BioMatrix Tuners target difficult-to-scan body regions, such as the head and neck, to deliver high-quality images consistently.
  • BioMatrix Interfaces improve exam workflow and quality of care by easing patient transport and accelerating setup by 30%*.
    *Data on file.

1.5T MRI

Easy-to-use, reliable scanners to fit your unique needs and those of your patients


This new 1.5T Open Bore system combines unique BioMatrix technology, the new syngo MR XA software platform and Turbo Suite acceleration packages to fundamentally transform care delivery.

  • Productivity Gains: Turbo Suite enables dramatic reduction in exam times by exploiting advanced accelerated imaging techniques
  • Reproducible results: Eight available Dot engines - covering routine scans from head to toe - ensure consistent exams between patients and across time
  • Patient Satisfaction: Lightweight, breathable coils support patient comfort and simplifies set-up times by easily adapting to anatomy




Automatically adjust to patient biovariability to overcome unwarranted variations in MRI examinations. With the MAGNETOM Sola, experience fewer rescans, predictable scheduling and consistent, high-quality personalized exams with increased productivity.


Combining an ultra-short system design with a 70-cm Open Bore, MAGNETOM Aera achieves improved productivity with an array of technological solutions (such as Tim 4G integrated coil technology and Dot workflow engines) suitable for numerous clinical applications.

MAGNETOM Terra, the world’s first 7T MRI clinical scanner

Never before has a 7T MRI been designated for diagnostic imaging of the head and knee*. With its unique Dual Mode, you’re able to toggle seamlessly between research and clinical scanning. Achieve an unprecedented level of care at your facility, putting you on the cutting-edge of the industry and setting the bar for modern precision medicine.

*Intended for patients >66 lbs.


A high-speed 3D image unlike anything you’ve seen before

GOKnee3D provides a push-button isotropic 3D knee exam in just ten minutes*. With GOKnee3D, it's possible to reduce your scan costs and see more patients in a day than you ever thought possible.

View the video to see GOKnee3D in action.

*Achieved on a MAGNETOM Skyra with Tx/Rx Knee 15. Total examination time will vary with system field strength with up to 11 minutes on MAGNETOM Aera.

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