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What’s New in Ultrasound Tech – 2021 Edition

While you weren’t looking, a lot has been happening in the field of ultrasound! New technologies, new workflows, new best practices. Over just a few short years, the potential uses of ultrasound have grown exponentially, and that means exciting things for you and your imaging team. Join us as we take a look at the latest... Read more

Mike Cassling Celebrates 35 Years of Philanthropy, Employee Support and Business Leadership

This year, Cassling celebrates the 35-year anniversary of the one team member who just so happens to share a name with our company itself. Mike Cassling started on the Cassling sales team, but it wasn’t long before he was making an impact on the entire company, steering the ship through numerous changes and expanding... Read more

RSNA 2019 Showcases the Future of Imaging

Last week marked one of my favorite times of the year, an opportunity to network with professionals in the imaging space and to get a peek at the exciting innovations that lie just around the corner. I’m speaking, of course, about RSNA. The biggest gathering of imaging professionals in the country, if not the world, took... Read more

Times Change — But Values and Friendly Faces Remain

I was reminiscing with a long-time Nebraska customer recently about when we first met. I was a kid out of college and had just started working at my dad’s new imaging company. She had been a technologist for a year or two but was destined for management early on. I’m going to date myself (and her), but our conversation had... Read more

Cassling Celebrates 35 Years of Imaging Excellence

Thirty-five years. Even as I write those words, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, or CDI, which later became Cassling, was formed. This July, we celebrate our 35th anniversary as a company, and I’m honored that I get do so surrounded by the many people who make our organization... Read more

Cassling Team Members Use Clinical Backgrounds to Serve Customers

No one understands the complexities of diagnostics, patient care and the clinical environment better than those who have been on the frontlines of healthcare. Read more

Cassling Female Leaders Provide Important Advice

Cassling has embraced the presence of capable leaders who just so happen to be female. We've told you before about Michelle Loewenstein, who was among the first women in the world to service Siemens linear accelerators as a Field Service Engineer for Cassling. She exemplified leadership all those years ago and continues to... Read more

3 Key Steps To Ultrasound Fleet Standardization

With everything that’s been happening in the field of ultrasound, you might start to get a serious case of FOMO if you’re still using equipment that’s more than a few years old. Recently, the industry has turned its attention toward improved workflows, a better experience for the patient and a new level of ergonomic... Read more

2018 Brings Big Changes for X-ray Reimbursement

Reimbursement isn’t what it used to be. At the beginning of this year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) started applying a 7% penalty to all reimbursements for Computed Radiography (CR) exams. By all accounts, this hasn’t led to the widespread exodus away from CR systems that CMS was likely hoping would... Read more

Jerry Brings World-Class Technical Expertise to Cassling Service

A friendly nature, strong sense of duty and remarkable intelligence have shaped enduring customer relationships for this Cassling Field Service Engineer, who has more than three decades of experience. Read more

Behind the Scenes of Sales and Service: Carol Helps Cassling Excel

A few years back, Cassling hosted a “Bring Your Child to Work” day. And as Carol Armitage tells it, this event proved quite eye-opening in terms of how her children perceived her job. “We had all these children in here,” she said. “You had to go around and say who your parent was that worked here and what they did. And my... Read more

8 Benefits of Standardizing Your Ultrasound Fleet

Whether you are part of an independent facility, small-town hospital or a large healthcare system, your ultrasound fleet may consist of diverse brands, models and versions, owing to the myriad of functions you need to perform. Read more

Charity Started by Cassling Team Member Reaches Ten Year Milestone

Michelle Loewenstein is a motorcycle-riding engineer who worked on naval destroyer weapons systems and became one of the few women in the world to service Siemens linear accelerators. Here, she talks about her life before Cassling and explains how she’s spent the last decade honoring her son’s memory by giving back to the... Read more

How Cassling Gave Back This Holiday Season

The end of the year at Cassling and its parent company, CQuence Health Group, is quite possibly the most fun time to be a team member here. That’s thanks to a number of activities geared toward helping employees enjoy the holiday season and group outings that make a real difference in the community. Read more

Cassling ‘Anchor’ Marty Huebner Retires After 23 Years

A familiar face to many of our customers, Marty Huebner, executive vice president of service, has announced his retirement from Cassling. Read more