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Jerry Brings World-Class Technical Expertise to Cassling Service

A friendly nature, strong sense of duty and remarkable intelligence have shaped enduring customer relationships for this Cassling Field Service Engineer, who has more than three decades of experience. Read more

Behind the Scenes of Sales and Service: Carol Helps Cassling Excel

A few years back, Cassling hosted a “Bring Your Child to Work” day. And as Carol Armitage tells it, this event proved quite eye-opening in terms of how her children perceived her job. “We had all these children in here,” she said. “You had to go around and say who your parent was that worked here and what they did. And my... Read more

8 Benefits of Standardizing Your Ultrasound Fleet

Whether you are part of an independent facility, small-town hospital or a large healthcare system, your ultrasound fleet may consist of diverse brands, models and versions, owing to the myriad of functions you need to perform. Read more

How Cassling Gave Back This Holiday Season

The end of the year at Cassling and its parent company, CQuence Health Group, is quite possibly the most fun time to be a team member here. That’s thanks to a number of activities geared toward helping employees enjoy the holiday season and group outings that make a real difference in the community. Read more

Cassling ‘Anchor’ Marty Huebner Retires After 23 Years

A familiar face to many of our customers, Marty Huebner, executive vice president of service, has announced his retirement from Cassling. Read more

RSNA Hot Topics: AI and Precision Medicine Shaping Digital Healthcare

My late father, Bob Cassling, loved this time of year. He always made Thanksgiving a special day at home with our family—eating turkey and watching Husker football with my two brothers and me—but he also loved packing up to head to Chicago’s McMormick Place for the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North... Read more

Cassling President Addresses Company’s Past, Present, Future

Recently, Mike Cassling announced our new organizational structure, which separates the role of President and CEO. Mike is and will continue to be our CEO and intends to remain as the chief customer-facing executive in the organization—working with you and Siemens Healthineers to strengthen our relationships even further.... Read more

Using Our Hands for Good

I had the distinct honor of hearing the incredible journeys of eight high school seniors who overcame adversity through courage and hope during last week's DJ's Hero Awards luncheon hosted by The Salvation Army in Omaha, Nebraska. To me, hope is a belief in a better, more positive outcome and is inspired by seeing these... Read more

Ultrasound Ergonomics—There are Still Strides to be Made

Today's ultrasound technology is truly remarkable. In the past 24 years that I’ve practiced, I’ve seen ultrasound improve by leaps and bounds in its capabilities and potential to improve patient care. Contrast enhanced ultrasound, tissue harmonic imaging, elastography and other technologies have revolutionized how we see... Read more

Caring for the Caregiver

Most of us who work in the healthcare field do so because we have a genuine desire to help others. We attend several years of schooling—with many more beyond that in continuing education—to learn and maintain the complex clinical skills required to care for our patients. But no one trains us for off-the-job caregiving. You... Read more

Time to Spring Clean Your Workplace Vocabulary

Spring is eight days away, but who’s counting? With the new season, you might find yourself doing a little spring cleaning. For me, it’s therapeutic. I love purging, sharing what I no longer use and adding a few seasonally appropriate pieces along the way. This mantra can apply to work, too. Whether you want to get a... Read more

A Patient’s Message to Providers: ‘Make Me Feel Important’

On February 24, 2009, I had open-heart surgery to have my aortic valve replaced. About two weeks prior to my surgery, I had my annual dental checkup with my dentist, Dr. Bob Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman has been my dentist for at least 25 years. While having my dental work performed, I mentioned that I would be having open-heart... Read more

New vs. Used Diagnostic Imaging Parts: 3 Things to Consider

Maybe you remember it or you’ve caught it on YouTube: the Wendy’s commercial from the 1980s, featuring a non-Wendy’s fast food worker trying to sell a processed chicken sandwich by saying “parts is parts.” Just like Wendy’s believes processed chicken isn’t the same as a whole chicken breast, I’m here to tell you there’s... Read more

Introducing the New

Welcome to our new website! The Cassling team has been busy building a new site with a fresh look and improved navigation to make it easier for you to find the information you need. We took our motto, “Strengthening Community Healthcare,” as well as our commitment to helping you improve patient care, to heart during this... Read more

Field Service Engineer Honored With Bob Cassling Award

Longtime Cassling Field Service Engineer Reed Poulsen received the Bob Cassling Service Excellence Award during the 2016 State of the Union meeting, an annual company event designed to celebrate employees and plan for the future. But the honoree is the first one to credit others for his success. Read more