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Joel Otto Honored with Bob Cassling Service Excellence Award

Field Service Engineer Joel Otto was recently recognized as the recipient of the company’s most prestigious honor, the Bob Cassling Service Excellence Award. Named after Cassling’s founder, Bob Cassling, the award recognizes employees who go above and beyond in exemplifying the organization’s culture and values. Read more

Pat Harvey Celebrates 20-Year Milestone Anniversary

Director of Clinical Operations Pat Harvey joined Cassling two decades ago. Since that time, the capabilities of medical imaging have radically increased. Imaging technology has evolved from film processing to completely digital and the healthcare industry has become increasingly more complex. What hasn’t changed since the... Read more

5 Essential Qualities to Look for When Evaluating an Equipment Partner

Choosing an equipment supplier is never easy. The stakes are high. The consequences of picking the wrong one—downtimes, delays, mounting costs—can be disastrous. So, how do you make the right decision? Behind vendors’ sales talk and marketing materials, how are you—whether you’re in radiology, biomed, administration or... Read more

Ben Nelson Celebrates 20-Year Milestone Anniversary

Field Service Engineer Ben Nelson joined the company two decades ago, and in that time span, much has changed. Imaging technology has evolved from film processing to completely digital, healthcare organizations have merged to create larger footprints and the industry itself has become more complex. Read more

Customers and Colleagues Commemorate Ed Holub’s 20-Year Anniversary, His Dedication and One Very Distinctive Laugh

When asking Field Service Engineer (FSE) Ed Holub’s colleagues what they appreciate most about Ed, more than one remarked that, in addition to his expertise in equipment service and his willingness to do everything possible to provide a solution to customers, it’s his laugh that’s most recognizable. Read more

Expertise and a Sense of Humor Guide Ron Zink Through 20 Years of Service

If you visit Cassling headquarters and head to the warehouse, you’ll come across some painted yellow lines along the floor, separating one section from another. Back in the day, when Cassling still had a refurbishment business, the yellow lines separated the warehouse proper from the team responsible for evaluating,... Read more

After Twenty Years of Working at Cassling, Engineer is the ‘Radiology Whisperer’

At Cassling, we hold our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) to the highest standards. Our team is focused on achieving the maximum level of imaging equipment uptime and the best diagnostic results, because they know healthcare organizations are counting on us to help ensure an exceptional patient experience. Read more

Field Service Engineer Celebrates 20 Years of Heroics, Customer Service

Jason “JD” Dannenbring started with Cassling in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on the cusp of the new century in the summer of 1999. Throughout the past 20 years, he’s built a reputation for being a ‘go-to’ nuclear medicine guy, steady in his nature and eager to give back to his community. In fact, he’s even been known to help... Read more

Service Engineers Give Tips on Making the Most of Your Imaging Service Contract

If you’ve purchased a service contract in order to maximize ROI on your imaging equipment, the next step will be working with your service team. We’ve partnered with hospitals, clinics and health systems throughout the Midwest to ensure equipment uptime. We’ve created service contracts for brand new imaging systems, entire... Read more

Layne Oberto Marks 25 Years of Exceptional Customer Service with Cassling

Layne Oberto, Cassling Regional Service Manager, celebrated his 25th anniversary with Cassling on June 6. Read more

OEM Service Contracts: The Ultimate Return on Investment

With every imaging equipment purchase comes an important question your team will need to answer: Do we purchase a service contract? While the response boils down to a relatively simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ the ramifications are more complicated. For an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service contract to make sense, your... Read more

Customers, Co-Workers Recognize Ryan Wachter's 20 Years of Service

Ryan Wachter is someone who takes customer service seriously. He bends over backwards to solves clients' problems quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Still, people closest to him also know he has a hidden comedic streak too. As Shawn Pew, Regional Service Manager puts it: Read more

Brent Headley Doubles Down on Customer Service for 20 Years

Those who know Field Service Engineer (FSE) Brent Headley well know he’s a betting man. And that has translated well to his experience in the field for Cassling. Read more

Retiring Engineer Exemplifies the Best of Cassling Service

Most people probably know Dan Spahn as a reliable, intelligent Field Service Engineer whom hospitals trust to handle any number of imaging equipment issues they encounter. Read more

Cassling Begins Ultrasound Service: What That Means for Our Customers

For the first time, Cassling has extended its equipment service capabilities to the ultrasound space. At the beginning of this month, we announced that our customers will now receive preventive maintenance and service on their ultrasound units directly from Cassling. Previously, those duties were handled exclusively by... Read more